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Humanity has exceeded several boundaries for a sustainable planet.

While this represents major challenges for humanity, it also offers great opportunities for innovation and new business ideas to help solve these challenges. inQuim helps to bring competitiveness and develop innovative business opportunities for Clean technologies worldwide.


CleanTech Initiative

inQuim represents an effective network of highly innovative, environmental technology companies from European region building sustainable systems. We work as a catalyst to help innovative ideas that are built otherwise for demonstration purposes in many other places, as they get a platform to quickly roll scalable solutions with a combined focus on the environment ecosystem and socioeconomic profitability.

We are one of leading representations in Europe helping development, implementation, and adaptation of Clean technologies worldwide. Behind the success are high demands on SMART initiatives in the field of waste management, water management, and stringent regulations against emission of environmental pollutants.

Our network of highly innovative CleanTech companies also includes companies focused to combine environmental technology with ICT based visualization platform to create interesting future products that contribute to a sustainable environment.


Leveraging modern science & innovation, inQuim has been on its quest to focus on solving socio-economic industrial challenges. With deep exposure to Aviation, Energy, FMCG, and Business ICT Consulting, inQuim has been facilitating research, development, implementation, and adaptation of innovative product and services worldwide.


We are a leading business conglomerate for over 23 years having presence in North America, Europe, Middle East, and India Subcontinent. We are helping our customers to transform their businesses through our deep-industry insight spread across multiple domains. We support start-up initiatives to help them build, grow, and become successful.


InQuim offers comprehensive technology platforms for strategic process management solutions, allowing organizations to effectively communicate, interact and collaborate across and outside the enterprise. We have many verticals- from Manufacturing (electronics), CleanTech Energy, Business Consulting, and Software Development Services.

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